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May 6th - 8th 2008
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
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Nanotechnology is a field of applied sciences devoted to the control and manipulation of matter at the level of atoms and molecules. It is a multidisciplinary study primarily, ranging from physics, materials science, supramolecular chemistry, mechanical and electrical engineering, mathematics.

Specifically, the use of mathematical techniques can make a difference in creating knoledgement in these disciplines. This view is reflected in recent plans to boost research of the different administrations. In particular, the Sixth Spanish National Plan for Scientific Development and Technological Innovation for the period 2008-2011 aims to promote action through a specific strategic research into "nanoscience, nanotecnology, science and technology of materials, to improve competitiveness of Spanish companies". It emphasizes the importance of "theory, modelling and simulation of materials in the field of nanotechnology."

The objective of this activity is to present an introductory course on nanotechnology, nanoscience and the mathematical tools needed for their study. It is intended that the course will serve for young mathematicians as a introduction to nanotechnology and its numerical simulation.

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